End Medicaid Privatization

In 2015, Gov. Branstad ordered the shift of Iowa's Medicaid system to private management. Under his and Gov. Reynold's watch, our Medicaid system has been ruined. Following the privatization of Medicaid, the cost of insuring members of the program has nearly tripled, leaving the over 600,000 users in Iowa vulnerable to budget cuts in the future. It's important to the very wellbeing of our citizens that we fix this broken system and end the privatization of Medicaid to guarantee the protection of residents.

Expand Mental Health Services

Health care is just as mental as it is physical. Iowa has continually been named as one of the worst states in terms of mental health care, due mainly to our state's lack of resources for patients. Following the closure of half of the state's mental health hospital in 2015, the available number of psychiatric beds in our state has drastically decreased, leaving only 1.2 hospital beds for every 100,000 adults in the state. This number withers in comparison to the national average of 12 beds for every 100,000. It is great that our state is working on bills like House File 2456 that would make expansions in our mental health services, it’s important that we keep working to better the quality of mental health services in our state.

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