Living Wage for Our Teachers

Teachers in Iowa and across the country are some of the hardest working individuals in our communities. It’s time our schools finally pay them a living wage. When our teachers are forced to get part-time jobs just to get by, it hurts the quality of our students’ education. Raising teacher salaries helps increase effort of our teachers, improve the caliber of education, and reduce turnover rates.

Abolish College Application Fees

College application fees range anywhere from $40-$90 with the average fee being $50. These fees limit the options low-income students have for education following high school. These fees are also another reinforcement of the classist notion that there needs to be financial barriers in order for one to achieve a higher education. It’s time we remove college application fees for all public colleges in Iowa to ensure students can fit the right school for them.

1% Sales Tax

Dubuque residents have seen first hand the impact that something as simple as a 1% sales tax increase can have in shaping our community, by adopting a Local Option Sales Tax. By raising the statewide sales tax from 6% to 7%, as it is here in Dubuque, we can ensure that all schools across Iowa receive adequate funding.

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